August 1, 2014

Just because it’s a day early is no reason for us to not be sitting anxiously….  We are ready to travel when our Persons are.  None of us have been out of the country, though our Persons have been, and we are eager to embrace whatever is on the other side.  One more day…


Merrin-Katz, HittyG, and Sequoia Dawn

The Pacific NorthWest

July 31, 2014

Sequoia Dawn


We (Hitty Merrin-Katz and I) are enjoying the Pacific NW now.  Gorgeous weather.  We have explored various places where we got so excited that we forgot to take pictures, but today we visited the “diving bell” that is really a lovely calabash gourd with webbing on the portholes.  We thought you might like to see the pictures of our hostess, Hitty Sequoia Dawn, and Merrin-Katz  inside the calabash.  Although both are not visible at the same time, they are both inside, so it’s deliciously roomy, and reminds us of some sort of special treehouse as well as a diving bell/ball.  It was a fun place to explore.  HittyG

So long…

July 25, 2014

No, not “so long” as in goodbye but as in “it’s been so long since the last time I posted.” I’m taking a trip, beginning tomorrow, to visit Person’s DS and DIL in beautiful Washington State. We will be accompanied by Hitty Merrin-Katz, named for Person’s two grandaughters and a friend’s daughter – one Merrin plus a Katy and a Katie. Merrin-Katz is the newest Hitty at our house, and because I’ve been on a plane and visted the Pacific NW on multiple occasions, it seemed appropriate for me to go along and show her the ropes.  I have not taken a trip for some time, preferring to stay home and keep watch, so I’m looking forward to this trip.



Post Holiday

January 23, 2012

This year (2011) for Christmas, the Hittys all stayed home alone. Person left Miss Hickory Three in charge – she is the tallest and most imposing – along with cat, Wiki, while she, Mister Person, and others went to DisneyWorld. I’ve already been, so didn’t feel the need to go again, and the others simply were not interested. We had a good holiday – ate lots of cookies – and wandered at will.

We are hoping to actually be moved to the new house this year. Person has stated that we are setting the record for the slowest move ever. She may be correct, but we Hittys simply can’t lift much at a time, though we try.

Happy New Year.

Really, we are moving… just very slowly

January 1, 2012

So Person has been so busy of late that even trying to pack and move has been a virtual impossibility. Three jobs and an out-of-town Mister have contributed to the slow progress. We have visited the new house, and some have spent the night there, though Person and Mister have yet to do so. Some of the things have been moved, but sadly not us or our belongings. We are ready to create a new goal to be out of one house and into the next – maybe part of our New Year’s Resolution?

Person, Mister, and some of the kids and grandkids just returned from Disneyworld. Having already been there, I opted to stay home. Riding Expedition Everest just about did me in three years ago. Miss Hickory Three, who is the tallest of the bunch, stayed home to watch over things and all of us. She did a great job and was rewarded with a Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck skateboard of her very own. She promised to let anyone try it out who was daring enough.

Happy 2012 to one and all. Hitty G

We are moving!

September 18, 2011

I know I’ve been silent of late – real life took over my private one. But now I simply have to tell everyone, the Capital City Hittys and I are moving. It’s a dreadful chore to move, or so Person says. She actually says many things, but most are not repeatable. Of course we have suffered our share of “incidents” in the process. There was an earthquake, a hurricane, a break (Mister dropped a light fixture onto a glass topped table and shattered both of them), a break in (real robbers!), and other minor set-backs. However, we push forward.

On Wednesday, I went over to the new house. In fact, I’m writing this from there, though the move is not yet complete. Person said I should be the first Hitty in the house because it was fitting, whatever that meant, so I’m there, hanging out on one of the mantles for now with a Mason & Taylor. We are in what is going to be known as The Hitty Room (so who let that M&T in anyway?). The house is OLD. It’s so old, nobody knows if it was built in 1910 or 2020. It belonged to a famous family in Richmond and has only had one other owner in all those years. We are the third. Three is lucky, right? Anyway, the house used to have two parlors and a dining room, but now the second parlor has become the dining room and the original dining room has been convered to what the prveious owners called a family room. Person says we can be a family in any room, so this would be the Hitty room, for us, all our houses, and the school and everything Hitty. OK, a few other dolls too.

The move is grueling, though, and I do not believe we will all be here any time soon. I suspect I will celebrate Halloween without my sisters, and perhaps Thanksgiving as well. Person says the fantasy is that we be moved in by next year. She is getting a studio on the third floor, part for carving and part for sewing, but not until they build her a bathroom up there. She says no way is she climbing the stairs just to turn around and go back down to use the facility.

Here is our new home.

Can you see the Widow's Walk on top?

What we will be up to next week…..

November 17, 2010

Well, I just did a most interesting thing. Person let me use the computer, but I accidentally accessed her blog instead of my own, and I posted a message almost identical to the one I’m posting here. Rather than delete it, we decided to see who is reading that blog as well as who reads this one.

Anyway, next week is Person’s bi-annual family Thanksgiving beach week reunion with all her and Mister’s kids, spouses, grandkids, and Hittys piled into one big house by the ocean. This year, there will be 13 humans together in South rather than North Carolina. We opted for North Myrtle Beach and a house that is a mere 300 feet from the ocean. And there’s a heated swimming pool too. We will miss the golf course of two years ago, but we decided the pool will be more fun. A check of weather.com shows sunny days with highs in the low 70′s for nearly the entire week!! Of course many Hittys will be there. I’m going, and so are others from our household, including our exchange student, Evalina. She wishes to study tides and see the sea. I’m sure she has other plans as well. Hittys from other family member households will join us, so it’s also a Hitty family reunion too. We are ultra excited. Naturally, I’ll be blogging about it after our return, and so will Evalina.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. HittyG (and her friend Happy)

She’ HERE!!!!

October 23, 2010

I’m thrilled to tell you that our exchange student has finally arrived. We are working up a nice welcome for her, but I HAD to tell you all that she is here at last. We are pleased to announce that she is none other than Hitty Dauphine’s sister and former Wanna Do Camper, Evalina.

For those who don’t follow Erin’s FairieMoon blog, Evalina’s departure from Weathertop began some time ago. Check out the doings there, and then go Evalina’s World, her personal blog, which she hopes you will follow as she settles into life here with us and begins the adventures she dreamed of.

Exchange Student

October 8, 2010

We have received an application from a young Hitty who is hoping to attend school here in Virginia. She seems perfect for us and vice versa. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be able to come. She is eager to have new adventures, broaden her horizons, and perhaps do something meaningful with her life. She sounds energetic and excited to begin a new phase of her life, and we hope she will find exactly what she needs here with us. Only time will tell . . .

School’s ON

September 12, 2010

I must appolgize on behalf of the Capital City Hittys for our absence. We have had an ultra busy summer, and now that school has begun again, our schedule has not abated. We are as busy as ever, only moreso.

Person began teaching again in late August, and we Hittys usually send someone with her to school. Most of us are home-schooled, of course, but every now and then, one of us wishes to further our education outside of these private tutoring sessions. This got us to thinking: what if we applied for and were accepted as a host site for an exchange student?

We are actively seeking a Hitty student at this point. Stay tuned.

HittyG and the Capital City Hittys