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Raleigh, NC 2006

Raleigh, NC 2006

To understand more about me, you need to first know something about the “real” Hitty. The original Hitty doll is currently housed in the Stockbridge, MA library. Her origins are unknown, but in the 1920’s, an author and an illustrator who were friends saw her for sale in an antique store window and fell in love.

Hitty is 6.25 inches tall and made of Ash. There is some debate about whether she is really Mountain Ash as the book claims or just Ash. But whatever – she is some sort of Ash, which is a hard wood. Neither woman, author Rachel Field and illustrator Dorothy Lathrop, could afford to purchase the doll on her own, so they just kept looking through the window. One day, the solution came: they would purchase her together. That was the beginning of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years, a novel written by Rachel Field and illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop. Published in 1929, the book was written from the doll’s perspective as a sort of memoir, and it went on to win the prestigious Newberry Award for 1930. The book, and more importantly, the doll, was much loved by generations, including myself. Now, there are hoards of Hitty collectors, many websites devoted to her, a number of talented carvers, and Hitty groups to which her admirers belong.

One special Hitty, whose name is Hitty Gracious, or HittyG for short, lives with her human, travels with her, and is the proud owner of a furnished home and a car. She has many Hitty friends as well as some human ones. This blog tells HittyG’s story, from her perspective, of life with those friends, wooden and otherwise.

Pictures of the original Hitty can be seen here:

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