Hello world!

My name is Hitty Gracious Corbett. That’s what it says on my passport, at least. Unlike the Real Hitty (see About Me) who lives in a library in MA, I’m not made of Ash, Mountain or otherwise. My maker, Susan Corbett, says I was found hiding inside of fallen limbs beneath a birch tree. That, of course, means that I’m very special. I’m not an ordinary basswood doll carved from a pre-sawn blank, but a totally original one-of-a-kind doll. I’m actually a little taller at 6 3/4″ than the Real Hitty, who stands at 6 1/4″ tall. I attribute that to my strong birch limbs.

I arrived at my new home in Richmond, VA on August 16, 2006. My hostess, Happy, has known all about the Real Hitty since around 1984 when she read about her in a doll magazine and then aquired the book, Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field. In 1985, she read a chapter a week to her youngest daughter’s 3rd grade class at Orange Grove Elementary in Charleston, SC. All she had to show them was a rather large and gwaky 11″ peg wooden, a doll not at all like Real Hitty.

Like most Hitty lovers, Happy’s first Hitty doll was a Raikes, who she named Hitty Rae, and soon after she also aquired Joey Raikes, who thus far is her only Hitty boy. But when I came along, a different sort of bond was formed. It was clear from the start that I would be her main squeeze, the Hitty who went places, did things, and had adventures.

Cleverly, Happy recorded the date of my arrival (it was her Granddaughter Merrin’s 3rd birthday, as it turns out), but she didn’t take a picture of me. However, here is one taken not long after my arrival.

August 2006

August 2006

As you can see by the picture, I enjoy reading. You’ll probably see me with books in a lot of the pictures on this site. Back when this one was taken and for about a year after, I lived on a dresser in the bedroom of my hostess with my bed (and eventually its new mattress and bedding), a small nightstand, and a rocker. At that time, I owned the one dress in which I arrived, the little peg wooden doll you see in the picture (made by Gail Wilson), the small book about Feng Shui, and a tiny Bible. But oh, how times have changed.


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