Is that thunder or are my Hitty pegs shaking?

It is raining, outside. I think it’s been raining for days, now, and will rain more tomorrow. Rain is good – in addition to keeping the ground moist, it swells the wood and makes my joints nice and tight. Of course I don’t sit outside and get soaked, but a bit of damp never hurt a strong-limbed birch doll such as myself. I wish I could say I’m made of mountain ash as my ancestor, the Real Hitty is, but birch is lovely, straight and strong, and it is easy to spot in the woods. I’m thankful to be able to claim such strength.

So why, you ask, would my pegs be shaking loud enough to wake the Brownies and Elves, for it’s well past the midnight hour? My person has announced that her writing class will be having a party in two weeks, and I’m invited! Her class has been regaled with news of me all semester long, but has never seen me, nor I them. I know that I’m invited for sure, and I hope a few others of the house might come along, too. It’s all so thrilling, and already I am worried about what to wear. Decisions, decisions.


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