Oh my – Apple Pie!

On our Person’s last night of regular teaching for her Advanced Composition class at the university, she lets her students have a party. We were told that, this year, it was a great party. The food was spectacular with drinks and food a-plenty including chips, hummus, some amazing homemade maccaroni and cheese in a crock pot, delicious meatballs, chocolate cookies, and (shhh – don’t tell L’Orange) cut up duck breast bites (wrapped in bacon with jalapenos and sour cream, skewered, and grilled), brought by the class’s duck hunter, Sandy. The pièce de résistance was an apple pie, no less than six inches tall (as high above the large pie plate’s top as below it). Now our Person does not care for apples or for apple pie, but this was so amazing just in looks that she had to have a piece. In fact, the student’s wife had made a special trip to meet him with the pie, and it was still warm!! Well, naturally, one piece led to another. This pie was incredible … so we were told.

Truth be known, we were a bit put out with our Person. She was supposed to bring me and a friend along for this final night. She didn’t, and so we didn’t get to see the pie. However, she made up for it the following week, which was the exam period. She didn’t give her students an exam, but she did return their final papers and collect something she called “annotated bibliographies” from them. Fortunately, the student’s wife who made the pie was so flattered by everyone’s compliments that she offered to make another for the final exam night. Fortunately, our person remembered to bring us along.

We were dutifully admired by all as our Person carefully introduced us, one by one, and told about the book written about our ancestor’s adventures. She even took several copies of the book to show the students how the printing of the book had evolved, and made sure that they saw the the fronticepiece that isn’t in all the editions. We felt secure, and so we wandered from student hand to hand. I should perhaps explain that these were adult students, returning after years being out of school (non-traditional students) to finally obtain their degrees. Eventually, after all the chit-chat and passing of us around the room, she allowed us to have our picture made with the pie.

Now this pie was not nearly as tall as the first one, we were told, but apparently it was every bit as tasty as the first. Our person had two pieces. She claims that she is officially an applie pie convert. Her student said the secret is in using little sweetener, Granny Smith apples, and the way the apples are spiral cut in thin curls. The bottom crust seemed fairly ordinary, but the crumb topping instead of a top crust was the pinacle of yummy.

Rae, Gracious (me), Happy2, Judy Bee, and Larie with L'Orange in front

Rae, Gracious (me), Happy2, Judy Bee, and Larie with L'Orange in front

YUM YUMMY! Our Person has declared that her student’s wife, Holly, is a Domestic Goddess of elemental proportions. Anyone who can turn our Person from an apple hater to an apple pie lover in one bite deserves praise and awe. Granny Smith, eh? We want the recipe.


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