In which we resolve …

Today, December 31, the very last day of 2008, we Hittys and our Person all sat down to decide on our New Year’s resolutions. The event resulted in this rather boring blog without many pictures, but here is what we came up with.

*We resolve to be extra nice to any new Hittys that might show up on our doorstep, invited or not.

*We resolve to be good girls and mind our manners (Becassine made us say that).

*We resolve to not squabble over the clothes (Becassine made us say that too).

*We resolve to get the kitchen remodeled and decorated (Miss Prim and the Chef made us say that).

*We resolve to work together for the common good.

*We resolve to let our Person decide who gets to go to the Northcountry Hitty Retreat with her in October (ooh – lucky Hittys).

Our Person has also made resolutions. She shared that she generally resists making resolutions for fear of failing in her attempts, but she has a new twist on that this year. She says that not attempting is far worse than failure, so she resolves two things: to keep on losing weight (35+ lost lbs this year), and (wait for it – this is the big one) to do her 100 things project.

Now what is that, you ask? It’s from the book, The hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.
The book tells the story of an obviously poor girl who claims to have a hundred dresses, though she wears the same old (but clean) blue dress to school every day. Her dresses turn out to be beautiful drawings she has made and with which she wins a contest. It’s a poignant story, and beautifully told. It sparked fellow Hitty lover, Erin, to start her own 100 Dresses Project in which she sews 100 dresses for her Hitty Dauphine. Her resolve sparked other Hitty lovers to find something of 100 they could each do.

It turns out that our Person is a fabric junkie. She collects fabrics like others might collect stamps. She hesitates to use it for fear it won’t be there for a special project when she needs it. This affliction is likely from some subconscious childhood denial trama or something. Anyway, our Person has now resolved to make 100 cuts into her fabric stash. The cuts must be full pattern cuts, not just snips on the edge, though each pattern might involve cutting two or even three fabrics, which our Person says will apply to her total. Her Hundred Cuts do not need to be accomplished in a year, but she intends to begin tomorrow. Nothing like the present, right?

She told us that while she loves to sew, she hates cutting things out. However, she thinks that if she has things already cut, they will be sewn. So she resolves to push past her fear of cutting and using her beautiful fabrics (she actually takes them out sometimes to lay out and arrange by coordinating colors and to just look at – totally wierd) to make something with them. Maybe she will make something for us. Ooohhh.

Happy New Year to all.


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