Do Paper Cuts Count?

Another birthday on the horizon – what can we Hittys do but celebrate, too? This time, it’s our Person’s youngest daughter’s birthday, Miss Legal Eagle. She and Mr Microsoft are only 367 days apart, with birthdays on Jan. 4 and 6. By choice, these Irish twins grew up best friends in the same circle of friends, and even classmates (Miss Legal Eagle skipped the 2nd grade). Sometime confidants, they even agreed to celebrate their special days together on the 5th rather than separately. Our person told us that, for years, these two would select virtually the same shirt or color on school picture day. One year, she commented aloud on the appointed day, and the two at the top of the stairs took one look at the other and went back to their respective rooms across the hall from each other to change. That was the end of twin pictures. *Sigh* Cleverly, Mr. Microsoft married Miss Legal Eagle’s best friend, so they have kept the circle going. So Miss Legal Eagle, Happy Birthday from our Person and all of the Capital City Hittys.

Since Miss Legal Eagle lives in a nearby town and works locally, a part of her birthday gift and the granddaughter’s pants were delivered to the law office today (appropriately on the 5th) rather than tomorrow when some unpleasant weather might make driving trickly. So our Person didn’t make any fabric cuts today. She did, however, cut paper patterns, which she seems to think count. We don’t think so.

I continue sitting in my unmentionables beside a pile of empty hangers.  I wonder if my Person knows I can't wear paper patterns.

I continue sitting in my unmentionables beside a pile of empty hangers. I wonder if my Person knows I can't wear paper patterns.


One Response to “Do Paper Cuts Count?”

  1. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Hello, dearest Hitties! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. It’s quite uncanny how well you read my mind, for I was thinking about all the twinninsh things and the 5th-day-celebrations just yesterday… I do wish I had more time to visit and play with you. Quite some time ago, your person told me that she loved nothing better than to “play with dolls” and dress them up. And, while all of you are considerably more than simple dolls, I’m so very glad that you’ve helped one dream of your Person’s to come true.

    I look forward to seeing more of your 100 cuts. I am certain your Person will begin to find beautiful mentionables for you soon.

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