Fabulous opportunity for a Hanna Kahl-Hyland Hitty


The picture is of Hitty Hanna, carved from Holly wood by Hanna Kahl-Hyland, doll carver extrordinaire!! We here at the Capital City Hittys love her to pieces (well, not literally). You can see that L’Orange really likes her. She has the most exquisite eyes, creamy complextion, and amazing details. She and Judy Bee have discovered they can trade clothes, too, and the two girls seem to have struck up a friendship. We can only hope that Judy Bee (who is a bit of a michief-maker) doesn’t rub off on Hanna as much as Hanna rubs off on her.

We are pleased to let our fellow Hitty lovers know of an upcoming opportunity to adopt one of Hanna Kahl-Hyland’s Hitty dolls. In a recent note from her, she told us about her latest Hitty creation and asked us to tell folks that she’s going to be listing one of her Hitty dolls on eBay in about a week, something she’s never done before. This doll will have a special outfit and come with some impressive accessories, though we won’t spoil it by saying more. Hanna is trying to keep her prices low and realistic. The Hitty should be listed next weekend (Feb 8 or so), so keep a watch for it. I know we will.

Hanna also passed along that she will accept names for a contact list. This list is simply to be notified of a doll, not an order list. Nothing would be firm. FYI, our Person was on her contact list for 2 1/2 years before Hitty Hanna came to live here.

We think our Hitty Hanna is eye candy.


2 Responses to “Fabulous opportunity for a Hanna Kahl-Hyland Hitty”

  1. The Hillbilly Says:

    She’s absolutely divine Happy! Congratulations on your gorgeous new addition! ENJOY!!

  2. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Oh my goodness! She is simply dreamy!

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