Whirlwind of excitement

Sincere apologies for the recent lack of posts. Our Person finally got a full time job for which she has been training, and it means she is extremely busy when home and gone, and she cannot give me the computer time to create these posts as often as she used to. In any case, things have just been too busy for words. However, before getting the job at a law firm, she had pre-planned a little get-away. She will be going to her mother’s home in Illinois for a week followed by a week at Janet Cordell’s carving retreat.

We are all quite excited about the latter since we are pretty sure that means we are getting a new sister. Today, everything is topsy-turvy while she tries to get ready for the trip as well as finish up things that must be done before she goes. One of those things is a trade for when she attends the retreat. She says it’s half done now. Good. Then, she has a little charm quilt she’s making for a trade with one of the other HittyGirl members that she will take along to mail. The third thing is in regard to another bit of excitement here, which I’ll reveal shortly.

In an extremely important event, I wish to announce that we have a new member of the family. Our Person helped her out of the wood herself, and she arrived on Monday, March 2 in the midst of a snowstorm, something we rarely have in Virginia. Meet her now.

Ida Ruth - Her first official portrait.

Ida Ruth - Her first official portrait.

Ida Ruth came out of a Paulownia wood blank by John & Hal, and she was welcomed with open arms by the family. This was only the second time our Person has helped a Hitty from the wood, and we want her to learn to do this better so that we can have lots more sisters. L’Orange, always curious, seems particularly fond of her. You can see she’s a bit unusual and instead of the blue eyes and black hair as the rest of us have, Ida Grace has dark brown hair and green eyes. We all like her, not only because she’s very nice but also because she’s so different from all of us.
Family welcoming Ida Ruth

Family welcoming Ida Ruth

Around the time Ida Ruth emerged from her prison within the wood blank, we received two lovely swaps. One is a little dolly that we let Ida Ruth hold so should would feel more welcomed.
Ida Ruth with Michelle's tiny crocheted dolly swap.

Ida Ruth with Michelle's tiny crocheted dolly swap.

The dolly is so tiny – Michelle said she used two strands of embroidery floss to make her. Amazing. And you can see that L’Orange looks as if she’s simply going to eat her up – but she never would. She’s a good duck. Then, the darling cloak arrived from another friend, Linda K and again, attempting to welcome her, we let Ida Ruth wear it.
You can see that the cloak fit Ida Ruth perfectly.

You can see that the cloak fit Ida Ruth perfectly.

We didn’t want her to go outside wearing it, however, since she might have completely disappeared in snow of the same color. The cloak is versatile – the hood is a separate piece with attached scarf. Quite handy for putting on in the cold or taking off for nicer weather.

Now for the other upcoming excitement here. We are going to be hosting a travelling Hitty!! We aren’t certain exactly when she will be here yet, but it won’t be long after we return from our trip (of course I get to go!). We are all rushing around, trying to prepare for her arrival.

Miss Hitty Geneva Grace Stratton, naturalist, photographer, author

Miss Hitty Geneva Grace Stratton, naturalist, photographer, author

Geneva Grace will be staying with us for a week or so, and we are extremely pleased to have been chosen as one of her stops along the way. So there is a flurry of excitement to yet anticipate.

So you can see that, between unusual snow storms, a new job for our Person, a new sister’s arrival from the wood, swaps coming in, swaps going out, and the departure of our person for two weeks, it’s been a busy time with more excitement to come.

We promise to report fully and faithfully about our trip to Janet Cordell’s in our next blog and on the new sister we anticipate.

HittyG for the Capital City Hittys



2 Responses to “Whirlwind of excitement”

  1. Erin Says:

    So lovely Happy and Hitty G! I love your new Hitty! She is as sweet as can be AND I can’t wait to see more Hittys that you release from their woody prison after Janet Cordell’s workshop. I wish I could go! Have fun! Take lots of pictures!
    Erin 🙂

  2. Martha Says:

    Oh, my! Happy, your Hitty is ADORABLE!!! Congratulations! You must be so pleased with her!
    Congratulations on your new job also!
    Have a fantastic time with Janet – what a wonderful person she is.

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