Whoohoo – it’s time for summer camp!!

Exciting stuff is going on around here. Today, Connie Hitty boarded the postal bus bound for New York and Camp Piney Woods. She was so excited she nearly forgot to pack her swaps. Naturally, we are excited to hear how she enjoys camp and fares on her first trip away from home. You can probably sense the “excitement” given the number of times the word was used in this paragraph.

Previously, our Person had arranged for Hitty Eva (who recently decided to change her name to Ava) to see more of the U.S. by attending a month-long camp in Maine. As our little imigrant Hitty from Argentina, she is anticipating seeing more of her adopted country. This will be very special for her since one of the places she will visit is Great Cranberry Island where ancestor Hitty was born. Wow! We can’t wait for her to come back and tell us all about her adventures there.

And perhaps most exciting (we just had to use that word at least one more time) of all is that we are hosting our very first (hopefully of many years to come) Hitty Camps. Our Person is a former Girl Scout resident camp director with years of experience, so we thought she would be the perfect one to help us put this together. If you are interested in learning about how to send your Hitty to camp, check out Camp Wanna Do.


One Response to “Whoohoo – it’s time for summer camp!!”

  1. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Hitty Rose has gone missing!!

    I know all the Hittys are abuzz with the summer’s activities and busy with camp preparations, but Wild Child’s dear friend Hitty Rose has abruptly disappeared. I don’t know if she has simply wandered off on her own adventure without leaving a note behind (we DID go on a weekend vacation to the beach and failed to bring her…I hate to think of the poor little dear trying valiantly to get down the road to the beach on her own, especially since we are no longer there!) If you have a moment, please keep Hitty Rose in your thoughts. Or, if you see her, please let her know that Wild Child misses her dearly and hopes for her safe and speedy return!

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