We are so behind ….

Here at the homestead, so much has happened that we have gotten way behind in posts. I’ll attempt to summarize.

Our person sent off two of our Hitty lovelies to camp. Connie went to Camp Piney Woods in upstate New York, run by Julie Old Crow. She had a grand time with all the other Hittys there. Eva (born in Argentina) went to Sue’s in Maine for an entire month. There, she visited Great Cranberry Island, where the story of her ancestor was penned, as well as many other wonderful sites. She arrived home with many stories of her adventure. about which she is still going on.

Here at home, our person ran (with my able assistance, of course) Hitty Camp Wanna Do, which 12 hearty Hitty souls attended from all over the US, coming from California, Massachusetts, and places in between. It was a grand week, but Person was exhausted. I, however, am made of sturdy birch, and do not tire.

Of course Person’s new (new last March) full-time job keeps her going from morning till evening daily, and when she gets home, she isn’t much interested in more work. We have acquired a few new household members along the way, and some of them seem to be favorites, though of course Person would NEVER neglect ME for any other. Would she? Well, she certainly would never admit to playing favorites, even if she did.

Recently, she went to PA for a long weekend to carve again. She worked on a granny for us, but sadly didn’t complete her, so she’s been nibbling away at the wood now and then, trying to finish up Granny Gracie-Jo-Anna so that she can move in and begin her duties. We hope that will be soon.

School began two weeks ago, so now Person is involved in her teaching and tutoring again, and we think that she has even less time to play than before, which we find disturbing. She claims she wants to keep playing, so we trust her in that – at least her spirit is willing. If only she were made of sturdy birch, too.

This post is really just to let everyone know that we are still alive as we can be and well.

Hitty G, reporting for the Capital City Hittys


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