Hitty bliss

My Person and I, along with other members of our Hitty house are heading north this week to the NorthCountry Hitty Retreat in New York. We are all extremely excited about this adventure, but part of the anticipation is knowing which of us will be allowed to come along. We know there will be at least one new Hitty coming home with us. We have not yet met her. She is the souvenir Hitty carved by Gale Lyons and cast in resin just for this event. We know she will be wonderful because Gale has a great eye for detail and is a fabulous carver. There will be all sorts of fun and goodies there to see, to do, to buy, to win.

Of course I get to go. Person has said that Lily Emiline can come, and maybe another two, but not too many since we are too hard to keep track of. One of us is supposed to have a costume for Halloween, but we have not yet made that nor chosen who will wear it. There is so much to do before we leave on Wednesday. Person says we need to start making lists. We will post pictures when we come home, of course.


One Response to “Hitty bliss”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    We are SO looking forward to you all coming!! Just four more days! Woo-ha!

    Julie Old crow

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