Wanna Do Winter Staff and Campers

As the Hittys arrived, they were met with the sleigh, pulled by Woody. We bundled them all up in a big blanket so nobody would get cold. First to arrive was Hitty Estelle – she lives in Canada with Susan Kraftcheck. She was impecably dressed – ooh la la!

The next arrival was Hitty Bertha who lives with Julie Ann Stuckey in Lynchburg, VA.

Hitty Bertha from Lynchburg, VA

All was quiet for a bit, then two Hittys arrived at the same time. Hitty Mystere (known as Missy) and Hitty Rose. Missy lives in Hollister, California with Sharon Starnes. Rose lives in Lenexa, Kansas with carve mom, Sylvia Christianson.

Rose (on left) and Missy

It was night when they arrived, so I had to lighten up the picture. That's Rose on the left.

Things were quite for a time, and I worried that not all would make it on time. At last came little Evalina who lives in Berne, NY with her sister, Hitty Dauphine and their Carve Mom, Erin Kleider.

Evalina arrives

The last camper, who arrived only at the end of the day on Thursday, was little Hitty Ann Boone, who lives with Vicki Boone in Tonganoxie, Kansas. With her arrival, our camp is full!

Hitty Ann Boone

Now it’s time to meet the staff. Of course that was me, HittyG, driving the sleigh as the campers arrived, but there are others operating behind the scenes to make sure the campers have a good time and are safe.

The Staff

Left to right, JudyBee, HittyG, Becassine, and JB's twin, Alice

We have with us, a special guest Staff member (this is the surprise you have all been waiting for. We wish to introduce her in a special post, so stay tuned.


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