Watching the Opening Ceremony

Last night, the campers all gathered expectantly to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. They sat at rapt attention, wondering at the gathering of international athletes that is occuring at the same time as their own international gathering, with camper Estelle from Canada and Nanny Hope most recently of Denmark.

In the front, joining the campers to watch the excitement, are Lily Emiline (left front) and Lily Too with her cat, Robo Kitty.

Cheering them on

Hitty Estelle was proud of her country who is hosting the Olympics

Despite a glitch, everyone cheered to see the Olympic flame lit.

Helping make beds this morning, Lily Too (left) and Lily Emiline have to chase down Robo Kitty who thinks playing on the bed is lots of fun


3 Responses to “Watching the Opening Ceremony”

  1. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Aww! Looks like you’re having lots of fun with your sister! Keep track of Robo Kitty!

  2. Vicki B. Says:

    I am so glad the Hitty’s did not miss seeing the Opening Ceremony! It was Beautiful!

  3. Martha Says:

    This is all great fun!!

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