After a lovely tea ceremony and time spent with Hitty Joy celebrating the Lunar New Year, the girls had lunch. Shortly after, they were ushered down to the Music Room where another surprise awaited them.

Yummy dessert for Valentine's Day!

The table was all set up with special cake and punch, and on the benches were valentines for each of them.

Six piles of valentines on the benches

HittyG pointed out that the valentines were all courtesy of Evalina. Wasn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

Usually not shy, Evalina hung back a bit today, possibly at the public announcement that she was the one who brought Valentines for everyone.

The girls were all set to check out the Valentines and to thank Evalina, but being the sweet lovers that they are, they naturally tucked into the dessert first.

Cake - yum!

Oh boy, that cake sure looks good!


4 Responses to “Valentines!!”

  1. Shirlene Says:

    Oh my girls are so very jealous. They will never let me live it down that they didn’t get to go. SO I guess some of them will be on the first summer camp buses come summer time. I sure love watching the girls have fun…

  2. Denise Says:

    What a fun Valentin’es Day!

  3. Denise Says:

    What a fun Valentine’s Day!

  4. Vicki B. Says:

    Mmmm that cake does look good!! They are having so much fun!! Cake and Valentines, lucky campers! 🙂

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