SWAPS night!

The momentum of the day carried forth into the evening. Hittys watched more Olympics, all declaring that when they had their big chance, they, too would be atop a podium for their sledding and skiing. But today they watched and waited, for HittyG promised that, because it was the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s day, they should have swaps that night. They were very excited.

Each Hitty stood before the assembled group to display for the others what she had brought. First was Bertha, who lives with Julie Ann Stuckey. She stood before one and all and showed off the games and darling little winter clips with reindeer and pine trees, etc. The games shook, and the girls were convinced, after a day of eating sugar, that there must be something good inside those boxes disguised as games.

Next to stand up with her swaps was Hitty Rose, who had put her coat on for the occasion. It soon became clear that the reason for wearing her coat indoors was to show the others how wonderful she looked in her woolen coat, and to then tell one and all that her person, Sylvia Christianson (who was concerned that Rose be warm enough), had made one just like it but in various colors, for each and every one of the campers present.

Rose and her wonderful woolen coats for everyone

The next camper to show her swaps was Hitty Mystere (Missy) who lives with Sharon Starns. Missy’s person was also concerned with the welfare of the campers, and sent each one a beautifully knit shawl of the most wonderful yarns in fabulous colors. And just in case they had not had quite enough sugar, she thoughfully included little valentine heart tote bags with some sweet cookies inside. That should hold them for a while.

Hitty Mystere with shawls and Valentine totes full of cookies

Not to be outdone, up popped Hitty Ann, who lives with Vicki Boone who announced that, with all the pictures someone has been taking, surely there would be one suitable to fit into the most lovely picture frames ever. Since they were hard for her to pick up and show, we suggested she only pull out one to give everyone an idea of their beauty. They truly are lovely frames, and we feel certain that each Hitty will have a photo somewhere that fits right into it for a keepsake.

The first Hitty to arrive said she didn’t want to be last to share her swaps with everyone. However, we decided it would have been worth the wait had she been last since Hitty Estelle from Ontario, Canada brought with her the most wonderful reproduction quilts, just like Ancestor Hitty has. These were made by her person, Susan Kraftcheck, which seems like a perfect name for such a crafty person. Hitty Estelle even brought one for HittyG, along with a wonderful carpet bag, just like her very one that she brought with her. More oohs and aahs ensued.

HittyG was really touched by the Estelle's gift of a quilt and carpet bag.

Last, but NEVER least was Hitty Evalina who lives with the talented Erin Kleider in New York. All the Hittys paid very close attention when she laid out what she had brought for each of them. More sweets, a cake stand, a tea set, and more sweets. Yes, more sweets. That’s all those girls needed to hear before they rushed to claim what was theirs. I’m not at all sure these goodies will make it home since they had a hungry look in their little wooden eyes.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.


3 Responses to “SWAPS night!”

  1. The Yellow House Hittys Says:

    Hello girls – just a small greeting from us here at The Yellow House. It seems like you are having a lot of various fun – and the gifts! o-la-la
    such lucky girls.
    We do think, however, that you girls are being downright SPOILED………
    and we are not the least bit jealous, NOT at all…….. but we think that Nanny Hope will tell you not to acquire an attitude!
    Tea ceremony, and lanterns, sweets and more sweets, and beautiful coats and quilts and bags with hearts and all.

    Well, Anita is kissing and hugging us and we are really pleased that you are having a wonderful time – so, we send you some peghugs too and a special big one for Nanny. Tell her we miss her a lot and it feels like she has been gone forever.

    Hittys Gilliflower & Judylene & Jasmin
    The Yellow House

  2. Sharon Says:

    Oh, my. I can see that there will be no living with Mystere when she gets home! I hope she doesn’t think she’ll be treated like this EVERY day! What fun, and how generous is everyone!

  3. Vicki B. Says:

    Lucky campers!! So many wonderful things!

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