Lily Emiline and Lily Too took advantage of Lily Too’s special permssion from her Hitty Mom, Sara, to spend time with her sister this week during camp and the two went wandering last evening on their own. Possibly sad at not having uniforms and actually being campers but more like drones to do HittyG’s bidding, though they were quite eager little drones, they decided that they would do what others could not – explore without an adult. Campers, you know, are closely watched. Or at least that is the theory held by all Staff members. Since they were buddied up, the Lily’s Two decided they were safe enough on Lily Emiline’s home turf, and off they went.

“Wow, what’s this?” exclaimed Lily Too.

“It’s the warm-up shelter,” explained Lily Emiline, “for when people get cold or tired when they are out sledding or skiing.”

“I didn’t know this was here,” said Lily Too.

Lily Emiline pointed. “See, there are benches at the back to sit down and there’s usually a fire going to warm up. It’s out now, so we are safe.”

“What’s that big black thing?” asked Lily Too.

“Oh, that’s the Hot Tub that HittyG just got. It doesn’t even have the planking around it yet, so nobody’s tried it out” said Lily Emiline.

“Hmm – the water is already warm. Maybe we could test it” suggested Lily Too.

They wandered back inside and found the campers all at their favorite nighttime occupation, watching the Olympics again. They decided to watch too, but of course were still discussing their discovery of the hot tub in the shelter, already full of warm water, and speculating whether or not they would be given permission to test it out. They really wanted to try it, but they know that HittyG would insist that they have a Staff member with them for safey if they day, and they talked quietly during commercials about which of them would ask permission.

The two Lily's whispered eagerly about the shelter and their discovery of the Hot tub.

It appears there is a plot afoot

It was Nanny Hope’s night off, Becassine was resting, and the twins were tired of watching Olympics (they are easily bored) and decided to play with Robo Kitty (who belongs to Lily Too), so HittyG was the only staff with the campers and, distracted by the Olympics going on, did not notice when two of the girls slipped out and Lily Emiline and Lily Too took their places.

I love watching the athletes. Me too - I wish I could do that on a snowboard.

Meanwhile, back at the warm-up shelter . . .

This water is great - c'm on in.

Uh-oh. Someone is in the Hot Tub without permission ... I forsee trouble ahead if they are caught!


4 Responses to “Scandalous”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Missy LOVES a hot tub. Just what her joints need! I know the feeling. Wish I could soak in one right now! Especially with a view of snow out the window.

  2. Shirley Says:

    Who could resist a hot tub!

  3. Sylvia Says:

    Oh my! I was afraid Rose would get herself in trouble. She does have a mind of her own, that one!

  4. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Oooh! Naughty Hittys! Lily Too, you will definitely have to tell Hitty G how sorry you are for causing such mischief… But I hope you’re having fun with your sister!

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