Hittys in “hot water”

Although the Lily’s two sat and watched the snowboarding for a while, they just couldn’t get the thought of that nice Hot Tub out of their wee wooden heads. HittyG was entraptured with the Olympics, as were the others, and even though they knew they could not use the Hot Tub without her permission, so they thought that it would be OK to just go back and have a second look around. They slipped back out to hike up to the shelter.

Empty chairs ... again

Arriving at the shelter, they were amazed at what they found. Shocked, they ran hurridly to see which Staff member they could find to tell. They ran right into Nanny Hope, who immediately returned with them to the Shelter to investigate the scene of the crime.


Indeed, Nanny Hope did see. She saw that two little Lily’s had first of all been where they should not have been, particularly alone. She also saw that these two were not guilty of the worst offense, however, since the rest of the evidence was right in front of her experienced eyes.

The culprits had run off quickly, leaving behind a trail of water and someone's jacket

“Come with me,” she ordered, and the Lily’s followed meekly.

Nanny Hope briefed HittyG

HittyG immediately dispatched all the other Hittys to their accommodations, leaving Nanny Hope with the Lily’s while she went off in search of the two missing Campers. She allowed the chilly camper to don her jacket before marching the guilty ones back to meet with the witnesses. She first explained to Lily Emiline and Lily Too that, even though they were buddied up and together, they should not be wandering the grounds without permission. She explained that someone must know where they were at all times. She did not mind that they were at the shelter, and would have given them permission to hike there, but if they had been missed and nobody knew where they were, the Staff would have been very concerned and would have likely put together an unnecessary search. They were never to leave the group again without letting someone know where they were.

It never occurred to the two sisters that their departure from the group could have raised an alarm and caused anyone unnecessary worry. The two contrite Lily's sat at the back feeling quite ashamed of themselves.

Next, HittyG and Nanny turned their attention to the two guilty Hittys, Rose and Evalina. Having already heard the scolding the Lily’s got, they knew they were in for it.

HittyG said that the same applied to them in terms of going off without permission, but it was worse since they might easily have been injured while in the Hot Tub alone. It was dangerous to have been there without an adult, and even more dangerous to actually have gotten into the tub where they might easily have slipped and fallen or gotten overheated, since the Tub had not yet been fully regulated. They were NOT to return there, and HittyG declared that not only was the Tub off limits, she was having the workers come and remove it from the shelter for the duration of camp. Until that time, everyone was confined indoors. Furthermore, there would be no Olympic watching for any of them for a full day. They would have to endure the disappointment of the other Hittys as well since they would all have to remain indoors together without the Olympics.
Needless to say, Friday was a very quiet day, spent indoors working on crafts and musing on the importance of having consideration for others and not merely thinking of one’s own needs.


3 Responses to “Hittys in “hot water””

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Well, I’m glad you caught the culprits. I told Rose she was not to run wild in other people’s houses. She knows she is not allowed that here! I hope she behaves for the rest of her stay.

  2. Miss Legal Eagle Says:

    Oh, Lily Too! Wild Child says she didn’t know you could ever be so mischievous (oh, if only she knew more about the branch from whence you and Lily Emiline sprang…), but she theorizes that your naughty streak is caused by being cooped up so often in such a tiny room! Clearly, you need to get out to explore more often. Thank goodness for having a sister who lives nearby who can play with you 🙂 Clearly I have to give you permission to go off playing more often!

  3. Erin Says:

    I have to admit, it surprises me not at all that Evalina would do such a silly and scampish thing. She is quite mischievous and since she came from my carving knife, I am sure she gets easily distracted when any kind of sporting event is involved. LOL! I am glad to see she was properly punished…I kind of remember a few punishments like that myself at Camp Life. Hmmmm.

    Erin 🙂

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