The Hittys had at their disposal a regular sled, several saucer sleds, and some toboggans. They kept swapping sleds to see which one they liked best. Most of them found the saucer sleds to be the most fun, but some liked the toboggans.

And to think we just stayed inside and watched the Olympics. Actually being outside is so much more fun!

Lily Emiline, who knew that Lily Too had taken Robo Kitty down on a sled earlier, thought maybe Robo Kitty would enjoy her own saucer ride. Lily Too was not at all sure about that.

There you go, Robo Kitty. Have a good ride!

Something tells me that Robo Kitty is not that fond of saucer sledding.

There were a few spills and chills, but everyone was having a wonderful time. And then Evalina spotted something at the back of the shelter.

“Say, isn’t this like those snow boards we saw at the Olympics?” she asked.

“Ooh – Shaun White,” murmured Bertha.

This is a really cool board!

“I’ll bet I can do this – I’ve been to California, and they surf out there. This is just like surfing.”

“But have you actually surfed?” asked Estelle.

“Well, no, but everyone has to do things for the first time the first time they do them, right?”

This stunned them speechless, and even HittyG and Nanny Hope were silent. Evalina took this for permission and positioned her feet in the right place and leaned forward and ….

What goes down ... goes down. But no worries - she's OK folks.

And that was the end of their snow day. But tomorrow….


3 Responses to “Daredevil”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Those Hitty Girls have no fear!

  2. Susan in ON Says:

    I have finally had an opportunity to check out the doings at camp this morning. It was good that Estelle was able to enjoy her many new friends and all the fun activities while we were very busy with pressing family matters here at home. It looks like she and the others had a wonderful time. There were so many special little details and surprises to enjoy. We will be excited to hear about all of her adventures when she returns to Canada.
    A big thank you to Happy and Hitty Gracious and all who assisted in providing such a memorable experience for the campers, and for their families at home. And a very special thanks to Hitty Estelle’s anonymous benefactor.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh, those girls have more nerve than I do! Course, if I broke a leg or arm I couldn’t just carve a new one!

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