Saying goodbye

With the warming trend firmly in place, the snow was melting faster than butter on hot popcorn. It was time to wrap things up and pack things up and jump back on the big Postal Bus.

All the campers were sad, but they knew that all good things must come to an end.

This evening was bittersweet. Not only must the campers say goodby to one another, but also to Nanny Hope who was about to embark on an even bigger adventure than camp. She would travel the country, visiting Hitty families and gathering things with which to entertain children in a hospital who needed cheer and hope to help them heal. Our little ambassador had traveled from the United States to Denmark and now back to and through North America on her mission of hope. All who knew her, loved her, but they also knew that she had work to do, and like every good Nanny, she was ready to take on the task.

They gathered around Nanny Hope, hugging her and one another. Another warming trend was taking place, for as the campers and staff said their goodbyes, their warmth for each other filled the room and their hearts.

Goodby, Beretha the Brave.

Farewell, Hitty Rose and darling Evalina.

We’ll miss you Twins, Hitty Joy, and Lilys two – take care of Robo Kitty!

Don’t forget to write us, Estelle.

Send me your picture, Hitty Ann. I’ll put it in the frame you gave me.

We love you Hitty Gracious – thanks for the great time.

Goodbye, dear campers and Nanny hope. Safe journey to one and all.


One Response to “Saying goodbye”

  1. Shirley Says:

    It is always hard to say goodbye. Wishing everyone a safe journey. Nanny are a treasure.

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