Warming Wanna Do Winter

The campers were all feeling a little dejected. They learned that camp had to end due to a Happy family crisis, but they had hoped to get in one more round of sledding and possibly some skiing before going home. However, it turned out that they had spent too much time watching the Olympic events and not quite enough actually trying them out for themselves. The weather had warmed surprisingly, and suddenly the slopes were a soggy, slippery mass of meltdown. At first they thought that perhaps some snow could be trucked in or a snow machine hooked up, but it was just too warm and too costly.

Thus, they were all sitting dejectedly in the shelter, sipping the hot chocolate that Nanny Hope had brought them to soothe their sad little spirits and warm their pegs when they heard something on the roof.

“What on earth is that,” they exclaimed. “It’s much too long after Christmas for it to be a sleigh and little reindeer.”

"I just know that something big is up there."

Hitty Gracious left them to go check it out.

She saw that the large she-dragon was not alone!

Nanny Hope just had to see, and she ran out to look about the same time the She-Dragon decided to get a closer look at HittyG. The two stood staring at the Dragon who stared back at them with blue eyes so deep a person could drown in them.

To say that Nanny Hope and HittyG were not afraid would have been to tell a lie, but they put up a brave front so as not to frighten the campers.

She exendended an invitation for the campers to come and meet her. Nobody was certain what she had in mind, but it was clear she wanted something from them. Since she had her wee ones with her, it seemed like an unusual request, yet she made no attempt to harm any, and despite a bit of nervousness after the initial shock, they were no longer afraid. Only one of the campers was brave enough to slip down the slope to where the She-dragon and the wee ones were. Hitty Bertha.

Once Hitty Bertha had clambored down the wet, melting slopes, the She-dragon whispered something which took them completely by surprise.

The great She-dragon's suggestion nearly stopped the hearts of Nanny Hope and HittyG, but Bertha was not afraid. She did as the She-dragon suggested, and eagerly climbed the scaly back and up to the natural saddle where she sat comfortably astride the great and wondrous beastie.

Later, everyone agreed, down to the last one, that she would now and forever more be known to them all as “Bertha the Brave.”


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