What we will be up to next week…..

Well, I just did a most interesting thing. Person let me use the computer, but I accidentally accessed her blog instead of my own, and I posted a message almost identical to the one I’m posting here. Rather than delete it, we decided to see who is reading that blog as well as who reads this one.

Anyway, next week is Person’s bi-annual family Thanksgiving beach week reunion with all her and Mister’s kids, spouses, grandkids, and Hittys piled into one big house by the ocean. This year, there will be 13 humans together in South rather than North Carolina. We opted for North Myrtle Beach and a house that is a mere 300 feet from the ocean. And there’s a heated swimming pool too. We will miss the golf course of two years ago, but we decided the pool will be more fun. A check of weather.com shows sunny days with highs in the low 70′s for nearly the entire week!! Of course many Hittys will be there. I’m going, and so are others from our household, including our exchange student, Evalina. She wishes to study tides and see the sea. I’m sure she has other plans as well. Hittys from other family member households will join us, so it’s also a Hitty family reunion too. We are ultra excited. Naturally, I’ll be blogging about it after our return, and so will Evalina.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. HittyG (and her friend Happy)


One Response to “What we will be up to next week…..”

  1. mary yates Says:

    We love looking at your blog.

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