We are moving!

I know I’ve been silent of late – real life took over my private one. But now I simply have to tell everyone, the Capital City Hittys and I are moving. It’s a dreadful chore to move, or so Person says. She actually says many things, but most are not repeatable. Of course we have suffered our share of “incidents” in the process. There was an earthquake, a hurricane, a break (Mister dropped a light fixture onto a glass topped table and shattered both of them), a break in (real robbers!), and other minor set-backs. However, we push forward.

On Wednesday, I went over to the new house. In fact, I’m writing this from there, though the move is not yet complete. Person said I should be the first Hitty in the house because it was fitting, whatever that meant, so I’m there, hanging out on one of the mantles for now with a Mason & Taylor. We are in what is going to be known as The Hitty Room (so who let that M&T in anyway?). The house is OLD. It’s so old, nobody knows if it was built in 1910 or 2020. It belonged to a famous family in Richmond and has only had one other owner in all those years. We are the third. Three is lucky, right? Anyway, the house used to have two parlors and a dining room, but now the second parlor has become the dining room and the original dining room has been convered to what the prveious owners called a family room. Person says we can be a family in any room, so this would be the Hitty room, for us, all our houses, and the school and everything Hitty. OK, a few other dolls too.

The move is grueling, though, and I do not believe we will all be here any time soon. I suspect I will celebrate Halloween without my sisters, and perhaps Thanksgiving as well. Person says the fantasy is that we be moved in by next year. She is getting a studio on the third floor, part for carving and part for sewing, but not until they build her a bathroom up there. She says no way is she climbing the stairs just to turn around and go back down to use the facility.

Here is our new home.

Can you see the Widow's Walk on top?


4 Responses to “We are moving!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hitty G, thanks so much for the update! We have been wondering about you and Happy. You have had many adventures. The new house is beautiful on the outside, and sounds wonderful on the inside. Imagine… a whole room for Hittys!! Congratulations, and good luck with the big move! Susan K

  2. judy Says:

    Hitty G and Happy, Just found this site…how did I not know about it?? I love the home you are moving into. It has so much charm. Yes, I noticed the widow’s walk. Do keep us updated as to how the move proceeds…smoothly, hopefully. Best to you, Judy

  3. Legal Eagle Says:

    The Lilys want to come and keep you company! They say no Hitty should be so lonely.

  4. mizzwestview Says:

    I look forward to hearing (…I mean *reading*) of your many adventures in your new home.

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