Saying Farewell to Art

May 4, 2010

After Winter Wanna Do ended somewhat abruptly following the death of Person’s dear Father in Love, we sort of went into hibernation. It was a sad time, but we came through it well. Following his wishes, Art was cremated, but there was a lovely memorial service for him, which many friends as well as family from all over the country, and even out of country, attended. I was there with Person. After the service, there was a reception held for everyone, and as we walked through the door into the reception hall, a large easel displayed a photograph of Art that the family felt represented him the best. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge for you to see better.

HittyG - wearing my Mickey ears hat - with Art


Saying goodbye

February 24, 2010

With the warming trend firmly in place, the snow was melting faster than butter on hot popcorn. It was time to wrap things up and pack things up and jump back on the big Postal Bus.

All the campers were sad, but they knew that all good things must come to an end.

This evening was bittersweet. Not only must the campers say goodby to one another, but also to Nanny Hope who was about to embark on an even bigger adventure than camp. She would travel the country, visiting Hitty families and gathering things with which to entertain children in a hospital who needed cheer and hope to help them heal. Our little ambassador had traveled from the United States to Denmark and now back to and through North America on her mission of hope. All who knew her, loved her, but they also knew that she had work to do, and like every good Nanny, she was ready to take on the task.

They gathered around Nanny Hope, hugging her and one another. Another warming trend was taking place, for as the campers and staff said their goodbyes, their warmth for each other filled the room and their hearts.

Goodby, Beretha the Brave.

Farewell, Hitty Rose and darling Evalina.

We’ll miss you Twins, Hitty Joy, and Lilys two – take care of Robo Kitty!

Don’t forget to write us, Estelle.

Send me your picture, Hitty Ann. I’ll put it in the frame you gave me.

We love you Hitty Gracious – thanks for the great time.

Goodbye, dear campers and Nanny hope. Safe journey to one and all.

Warming Wanna Do Winter

February 24, 2010

The campers were all feeling a little dejected. They learned that camp had to end due to a Happy family crisis, but they had hoped to get in one more round of sledding and possibly some skiing before going home. However, it turned out that they had spent too much time watching the Olympic events and not quite enough actually trying them out for themselves. The weather had warmed surprisingly, and suddenly the slopes were a soggy, slippery mass of meltdown. At first they thought that perhaps some snow could be trucked in or a snow machine hooked up, but it was just too warm and too costly.

Thus, they were all sitting dejectedly in the shelter, sipping the hot chocolate that Nanny Hope had brought them to soothe their sad little spirits and warm their pegs when they heard something on the roof.

“What on earth is that,” they exclaimed. “It’s much too long after Christmas for it to be a sleigh and little reindeer.”

"I just know that something big is up there."

Hitty Gracious left them to go check it out.

She saw that the large she-dragon was not alone!

Nanny Hope just had to see, and she ran out to look about the same time the She-Dragon decided to get a closer look at HittyG. The two stood staring at the Dragon who stared back at them with blue eyes so deep a person could drown in them.

To say that Nanny Hope and HittyG were not afraid would have been to tell a lie, but they put up a brave front so as not to frighten the campers.

She exendended an invitation for the campers to come and meet her. Nobody was certain what she had in mind, but it was clear she wanted something from them. Since she had her wee ones with her, it seemed like an unusual request, yet she made no attempt to harm any, and despite a bit of nervousness after the initial shock, they were no longer afraid. Only one of the campers was brave enough to slip down the slope to where the She-dragon and the wee ones were. Hitty Bertha.

Once Hitty Bertha had clambored down the wet, melting slopes, the She-dragon whispered something which took them completely by surprise.

The great She-dragon's suggestion nearly stopped the hearts of Nanny Hope and HittyG, but Bertha was not afraid. She did as the She-dragon suggested, and eagerly climbed the scaly back and up to the natural saddle where she sat comfortably astride the great and wondrous beastie.

Later, everyone agreed, down to the last one, that she would now and forever more be known to them all as “Bertha the Brave.”


February 21, 2010

The Hittys had at their disposal a regular sled, several saucer sleds, and some toboggans. They kept swapping sleds to see which one they liked best. Most of them found the saucer sleds to be the most fun, but some liked the toboggans.

And to think we just stayed inside and watched the Olympics. Actually being outside is so much more fun!

Lily Emiline, who knew that Lily Too had taken Robo Kitty down on a sled earlier, thought maybe Robo Kitty would enjoy her own saucer ride. Lily Too was not at all sure about that.

There you go, Robo Kitty. Have a good ride!

Something tells me that Robo Kitty is not that fond of saucer sledding.

There were a few spills and chills, but everyone was having a wonderful time. And then Evalina spotted something at the back of the shelter.

“Say, isn’t this like those snow boards we saw at the Olympics?” she asked.

“Ooh – Shaun White,” murmured Bertha.

This is a really cool board!

“I’ll bet I can do this – I’ve been to California, and they surf out there. This is just like surfing.”

“But have you actually surfed?” asked Estelle.

“Well, no, but everyone has to do things for the first time the first time they do them, right?”

This stunned them speechless, and even HittyG and Nanny Hope were silent. Evalina took this for permission and positioned her feet in the right place and leaned forward and ….

What goes down ... goes down. But no worries - she's OK folks.

And that was the end of their snow day. But tomorrow….

Angels in the snow

February 21, 2010

The Hittys spent the entire day outside, stopping only briefly for nourishment before heading back out.

It wasn’t long before the Lily Emiline and Lily Too called everyone over.

OK, everyone. Watch what we do.

See - we made a snow Angel!!

Back to back, the raised and lowered their arms and legs, and sure enough! Snow angels. And persons had said Hittys couldn’t do that – silly them. Of course everyone wanted to try so they buddied up.

Snow day

February 21, 2010

After their day of staying in and not getting to watch the Olympics, all the campers were ready to go out and enjoy a good winter time themselves. The little Lily’s had watched the men haul away the Hot Tub, so they knew that play time outside could not be too far away. At last, after a hearty breakfast, they donned their little uniforms with the fleece jackets and out they went.

The Lilys were so excited to be in the snow, and were first to the shelter to grab some sleds and head down the slopes.

The slopes were in fine shape.

Evalina was not far behind them.

Everyone wanted a turn.

Evalina was careful to stay out of the way of those coming down the hill.

Everyone grabbed a sled, lined up, and swooped down the hill

What’s that white stuff ….

February 20, 2010

Crafts are all very well and good, but the Hittys missed watching the Olympics. They also realized, with some surprise, that they had not really enjoyed the outdoors very much during their stay, and they resolved to remedy that as soon as possible.

The two Lily’s had good news for them.

Tomorrow should be a really great day for outdoor activities!

Hittys in “hot water”

February 19, 2010

Although the Lily’s two sat and watched the snowboarding for a while, they just couldn’t get the thought of that nice Hot Tub out of their wee wooden heads. HittyG was entraptured with the Olympics, as were the others, and even though they knew they could not use the Hot Tub without her permission, so they thought that it would be OK to just go back and have a second look around. They slipped back out to hike up to the shelter.

Empty chairs ... again

Arriving at the shelter, they were amazed at what they found. Shocked, they ran hurridly to see which Staff member they could find to tell. They ran right into Nanny Hope, who immediately returned with them to the Shelter to investigate the scene of the crime.


Indeed, Nanny Hope did see. She saw that two little Lily’s had first of all been where they should not have been, particularly alone. She also saw that these two were not guilty of the worst offense, however, since the rest of the evidence was right in front of her experienced eyes.

The culprits had run off quickly, leaving behind a trail of water and someone's jacket

“Come with me,” she ordered, and the Lily’s followed meekly.

Nanny Hope briefed HittyG

HittyG immediately dispatched all the other Hittys to their accommodations, leaving Nanny Hope with the Lily’s while she went off in search of the two missing Campers. She allowed the chilly camper to don her jacket before marching the guilty ones back to meet with the witnesses. She first explained to Lily Emiline and Lily Too that, even though they were buddied up and together, they should not be wandering the grounds without permission. She explained that someone must know where they were at all times. She did not mind that they were at the shelter, and would have given them permission to hike there, but if they had been missed and nobody knew where they were, the Staff would have been very concerned and would have likely put together an unnecessary search. They were never to leave the group again without letting someone know where they were.

It never occurred to the two sisters that their departure from the group could have raised an alarm and caused anyone unnecessary worry. The two contrite Lily's sat at the back feeling quite ashamed of themselves.

Next, HittyG and Nanny turned their attention to the two guilty Hittys, Rose and Evalina. Having already heard the scolding the Lily’s got, they knew they were in for it.

HittyG said that the same applied to them in terms of going off without permission, but it was worse since they might easily have been injured while in the Hot Tub alone. It was dangerous to have been there without an adult, and even more dangerous to actually have gotten into the tub where they might easily have slipped and fallen or gotten overheated, since the Tub had not yet been fully regulated. They were NOT to return there, and HittyG declared that not only was the Tub off limits, she was having the workers come and remove it from the shelter for the duration of camp. Until that time, everyone was confined indoors. Furthermore, there would be no Olympic watching for any of them for a full day. They would have to endure the disappointment of the other Hittys as well since they would all have to remain indoors together without the Olympics.
Needless to say, Friday was a very quiet day, spent indoors working on crafts and musing on the importance of having consideration for others and not merely thinking of one’s own needs.


February 18, 2010

Lily Emiline and Lily Too took advantage of Lily Too’s special permssion from her Hitty Mom, Sara, to spend time with her sister this week during camp and the two went wandering last evening on their own. Possibly sad at not having uniforms and actually being campers but more like drones to do HittyG’s bidding, though they were quite eager little drones, they decided that they would do what others could not – explore without an adult. Campers, you know, are closely watched. Or at least that is the theory held by all Staff members. Since they were buddied up, the Lily’s Two decided they were safe enough on Lily Emiline’s home turf, and off they went.

“Wow, what’s this?” exclaimed Lily Too.

“It’s the warm-up shelter,” explained Lily Emiline, “for when people get cold or tired when they are out sledding or skiing.”

“I didn’t know this was here,” said Lily Too.

Lily Emiline pointed. “See, there are benches at the back to sit down and there’s usually a fire going to warm up. It’s out now, so we are safe.”

“What’s that big black thing?” asked Lily Too.

“Oh, that’s the Hot Tub that HittyG just got. It doesn’t even have the planking around it yet, so nobody’s tried it out” said Lily Emiline.

“Hmm – the water is already warm. Maybe we could test it” suggested Lily Too.

They wandered back inside and found the campers all at their favorite nighttime occupation, watching the Olympics again. They decided to watch too, but of course were still discussing their discovery of the hot tub in the shelter, already full of warm water, and speculating whether or not they would be given permission to test it out. They really wanted to try it, but they know that HittyG would insist that they have a Staff member with them for safey if they day, and they talked quietly during commercials about which of them would ask permission.

The two Lily's whispered eagerly about the shelter and their discovery of the Hot tub.

It appears there is a plot afoot

It was Nanny Hope’s night off, Becassine was resting, and the twins were tired of watching Olympics (they are easily bored) and decided to play with Robo Kitty (who belongs to Lily Too), so HittyG was the only staff with the campers and, distracted by the Olympics going on, did not notice when two of the girls slipped out and Lily Emiline and Lily Too took their places.

I love watching the athletes. Me too - I wish I could do that on a snowboard.

Meanwhile, back at the warm-up shelter . . .

This water is great - c'm on in.

Uh-oh. Someone is in the Hot Tub without permission ... I forsee trouble ahead if they are caught!

Finally, uniforms are ready

February 17, 2010

It was hard to get the girls to hold still so uniforms could be fitted. However, we finally achieved the desired goal and managed the feat.

What a splash of color - you can't miss these bob-sledders

As they all lined up to try them on and show them off, we noticed how much they looked like Olympic athletes and said so. This was the wrong thing to say. And worse, you can see just who the ringleader is.

Yup, front and center, HittyG ... but they appear to be having as good a time as if they were the ones performing and competing

The medal count